I’ve been attending church my whole life.
I’ve been believing in faith since I was a kid
I have surrendered my life multiple times.
I have lifted my hands in worship.
I have told God repeatedly,

“My life is yours.”

2019 was going to be a year to remember. And it was.
I knew it is going to be pivotal before it came.
That when I share my testimony, I will mention 2018/2019.

Because it was the time,
where I literally laid everything on the cross.
Took a step back and said,`

“God… I give you everything. I give you all of me. I give you my heart.”

I’ve “laid everything before the cross” before too.
But this time was different than the other times.

Because what you don’t know is towards the end of 2018, I had everything.
The dream job I’ve always wanted.
The career title I’ve dreamed of.
The relationship I desired.
The comfort and security of people.

I had everything I’ve ever prayed for.
All the blessings I dreamed of when I was a kid.

But God interrupted all of that and asked me, ” Can I have your heart?”

“God, What are you talking about? You have my heart.”

And then he pointed at all those things I have just listed and asked,
“then can I have all those things back?”

Here’s the thing about God.
He doesn’t want your things. He doesn’t need them.

He wants your heart. He wants all of YOU.
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

I was exposed. He saw where my treasure was,
thus where my heart really was.

I didn’t understand. I cried many nights, begging that if it is because of something I did wrong to please forgive me. But don’t take these things away God.

I know what many leaders and people would have said to someone in this moment,

“God has something better for you. 
“What God has planned for you is better than what you can imagine.”
” You hold on to something so small when God wants to give you the world.”
“Just have faith and trust God.”

We say that so easily. Until God asks YOU
to sacrifice the deepest treasures of your heart.

Because true worship requires sacrifice.

That dream
Your children
Your career
Your family
Your marriage
Your finance
Your desires
Your pride
Your reputation
Your security
Your comfort
Your time
Your service
Your addiction

And once again, you might ask yourself,

” Is this worth the sacrifice?”

Because after I surrendered all those things to God,
I wondered what do I have left then…

  1. Me… as I am.
  2. Jesus Christ.

I went from a list of 10+, now down to 2.

Then I wonder… what if the secret that Paul finally understood in Philippians 4:11-13, the secret of being CONTENT was…

Being content IN GOD.

That Christ is sufficient and his promises are more than enough.

I guess you will never really know if Christ is sufficient,
more than enough…

Until He is all that you have.

One thought on “ALL OF ME

  1. The LORD bless you and keep you;
    The LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you;
    The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.


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