August 31, 2019 

That day marked the last day of my parents working at the Boys and Girls Club in Ballad as the night janitors.

30 years ago, my father picked up this side job along with his full time job, in hopes of making a little more money for his family.

No matter how tired they were from their day job,
no matter how much their bodies were deteriorating,

If it meant sending their kids through college
Buying them whatever they wanted
Putting a roof over their head, food on the table,
and getting them the latest gadgets

It was all worth it.

So when my father called me, saying it is finally done.
30 years of working two jobs was over.

I broke down into tears when he asked me, “I did a good job right? I was a good father, I did everything I could.”
Because he is the best father any child could have asked for.

The immigrant life is not easy. My father dreamed of becoming a successful lawyer and my mom was an established accountant.
But the two decided to sacrifice all that.
With the hopes and dreams that they could give their kids the life they never could have.

My father couldn’t go to school in the US because no one would support him financially.
His dream was shattered and now he was in a foreign country with a wife to care for.

My father told us growing up that he was working this hard so that money will never be the reason
why we couldn’t accomplish our dreams and goals.

And so,

Daniel and I had every Gameboy, the latest computer and cellphone.

We lived in a million dollar house so that Daniel and I could have sleepovers and show off to our friends.

My first car I drove was my mother’s Lexus.

Daniel came out of Cornell without any loans and is now pursuing to be a doctor.

And I am living my life to the fullest without fear and such great joy.

Daniel and I swore that we would make our parents proud in our own way.
So that their sacrifice would not be in vain.
We would make them proud in all that we do.

You never know how long a person has on this earth, so every day is precious.
So I told my dad, we are going to on many vacations.
We are going to see the world. Eat like kings and try new things.

Thank you for your sacrifice. I will never be able to pay you back. 

So, I will live my life to bring you happiness and honor.

Thank you for the sacrifice Jesus.
Thank you for your sacrifice Dad.
Sincerely, your precious daughter.

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