I never knew how to answer people when they would asked me why I left pastoral ministry.
I think it’s because there was so much that has happened and so much to explain.
And before I can begin to share, people ask:
” Is it because of burnout? Did the church do you wrong? Too hard?”

No, I loved it. I wasn’t burnout nor tired and I loved my church more than anything.
“So why?”

And I think finally know how to answer that question:

I left pastoral ministry because God said it was time for a different thing.
Not so much a new thing because what lead me to pursue pastoral ministry in the first place was because I loved God and loved people.
And that hasn’t changed. But instead, that seed has grown bigger and wider.

Something I have been wrestling with the past four years is this feeling that there is more.
More to God, more to this life. More to what I am called for.
People have told me it’s because I am not content and don’t know how to be.
I guess they are right. I am not content.
And I do not want to live this life without experiencing the fullness of God and to miss all that he is doing on this Earth.
It’s this fire and being able to be an active participant that makes this journey with God so exciting for me.
It is the greatest source of adrenaline and life to me.

So after 16 years of when I first decided to go into pastoral ministry… and then pursue pastoral ministry to the fullest…
That season has come to a close.

Starting this month, I will begin my new journey in nursing and start my ABSN program.

I am excited for this journey. If I am honest, nursing was never a career option I considered for my life.
But after four years seeking God and discerning the next season, here I am.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
Isaiah 6:8

I don’t know how long this season will be or where it will lead me.

But it doesn’t matter. Because Jesus, as long as you go before me and lead me, I will follow and go.

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