Is it worth it?

This Christian walk with God. Obeying God… living for Jesus.

Is it worth it?

I’ve asked myself that question multiple times.
In college, in seminary, and last year.

I usually found myself wrestling with this question when I was

In a season of wilderness,
In a season where it calls for me to be faithful, to still keep sowing.
In a season where God told me to wait on him.

Many times, you can’t help but compare.
You see so many people having a great life without God.
Who are doing fine, better at times it seems than the believers.
It is not uncommon for Christians to give up on their faith.
Turn their backs and walk the other way.

Late one night on New Years Day (2019),
I came into the presence of God because at that moment,
I was defeated.
I was tired.
I was at the end.

I visualized coming face to face with God. Just me and him.

“God, is this worth it.
A life obeying you, surrendering to you, being faithful…
is it worth it?”

 with my eyes closed and tears streaming down my face,
all I saw was Jesus just looking at me


And with that, I ended up smiling too.
Because he knows and I know,

That it is worth it.

That’s the thing about living a life with God and for God.

You begin to love, forgive, and serve
not by your own strength but from an abundant source that is
divine and majestic. A love like no other.

You are able to wake up each morning with hope and strength
even when the weight of the world seems to be on your shoulders.

You find joy in the mist of your pain and loss.

You find peace even when everything around you is in chaos.

You are able to step out in confidence into what God’s calls you
even when it doesn’t make sense and outside of your ability.
Despite your fears.

You have faith for the impossible. Expecting instead of wishing.

You find a sense of purpose. That this… a life with God…
was somehow the way it was always meant to be.

So, if you are in that place, know that you are not alone.

I am right there with you.
More importantly, God is right there with you.

So, come back to the presence of God.
As you are.

Done with everything.

And let the Love of God surround you and His Grace empower you again.
To walk another day with Him and for Him.

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