Dad also shaved his head 🙂

January 6th, 2020

Mom has officially finished her chemotherapy session.

1 month of surgery/recovery and 5 months of chemotherapy.
It has been 6 months since we as a family began this journey.

A lot of people had proclaimed that 2020 was over before the New Year came
that nothing good came to of this year.

For myself, I would have to disagree.
It is true… 2020 was the year I didn’t really achieve anything.
But it was the year that the Lord God has changed my life and deepened my faith in Him.

There’s this quote that I love and repeatedly told myself in 2020:

“I don’t care if God started it, if the enemy started, or I started it.
I know regardless who started it, it will end in God’s hand.”
– Steven Furtick

We started with breast cancer and what we ended with is:

  • Dad stopped smoking after 40 years
  • My parents’ marriage has been restored and strengthen.
  • Parents are healthier. Appreciating life itself beyond work.
  • Daniel has officially decided to become an oncologist to help future cancer patients.
    Also he got into some of the top medical schools.
  • Mom has become more generous because of the overwhelming kindness and generosity
    of customers and strangers who have gifted her with so many gifts and care packages.
  • Even during a pandemic, the Lord has provided constant business for our dry cleaning.
    We were able to hire new people so that my parents can work a half day and go on their daily hike.
  • Dad is praising the Lord everyday for His goodness.

Mom still has 6 weeks of radiation and 5 years of taking hormone blocker pills
before she can be declared cancer free.

But whenever I think back,

I can’t help but smile and praise God.

Because truly, He is good. All the time.

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