I realized when people talk about Christianity, we share about the good parts.
I mean, that’s the main thing. That is the gospel, the good news.

But what I don’t hear very often is how hard it is. 

How painful and heart wrenching it is to do what Christ calls you to do.

To love your enemies.
To forgive those who have wronged you.
To set your eyes on Christ and not on the gains of this world. 

And as I sit here, trying to hold on to resentment.
Trying so hard to hold on to unforgiveness and unfairness.

I realized the longer I sit in the presence of God in silence,
my grip on those things get weaker. 

As a kid and even now, my greatest comfort was
not God telling me it’s okay, everything is going to be fine.

It’s Him telling me

He sees me. 

That he sees and hears the tears that fall. 
He hears the cries of my heart.
He feels the pain that surrounds me. 

And as a kid and even now, that was more than enough for me.

That the God of the universe. The Creator of all. The Beginning and the End. The Almighty. 

He sees me. 

I am known by Him. 

And that’s the best part.

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