Today, I am reminded again of what it means to be

A living testimony. A living witness.

I think the most common question I hear and get asked is:
” How do you know if God is real? How do you know if….”

And I would just answer, ” I just do.”
Which you can imagine how that makes the other person feel.
But really, I never had a “good enough” answer that I felt like would satisfy them.

But I am reminded that there is a difference between knowing something and living it.

One can have all the knowledge and information about anything and everything.
There are thousands of books on what to expect when you give birth
but it will never compare to the experience of the pain and joy that is actually experienced.

You may think you know God and even have read the Bible a few times for good measures.

But for me, I am living testimony of God’s presence and goodness.

God has and continues to answers my prayers.
And I am not talking about my own selfish prayers but the prayers that come out as I delight myself in the Lord.
But you know what, those small desires of my own heart I have sometimes… I have experienced time and time again
him answering those too out of the goodness and kindness of His love.

I have seen miracles happen.
Not simply the “mega cool ones” that people claim if they saw, they would believe.
But the miracles of people finding life and purpose beyond themselves.
The miracle of people’s heart turning and eyes opening.
Miracles of answered promises and the word of God coming to life.

I guess I will never have a good enough answer for that question: How do I know.

But I will end this post with this:

For my brothers and sisters in the faith:
Do not miss another day to experience God’s love and goodness.
I use to want fire to come down everyday. But I have found great comfort and joy in the whispers of the Lord in the mundane.
Letting me know he is near. The depth of what you can experience with God and in God is profound.
And it gets better and better the deeper you go.
For me in this season, it is not about how far I am or how much I do but just being with God.
So, just be with God today.

For those who are asking that question I can’t really answer:
I am sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.
But I imagine it like this.
You are standing outside of a grand house.
You have so many questions, curiosity of what might be inside. Who lives there, what kind of people they are.
I tell you this…You can come inside and see for yourself.
It is not always roses and peaches inside the house but I can’t imagine a life any other way.
There might not be people who have the answer but there are people who are more than willing to walk you to the door.
But they will tell you, it is your decision and choice to open the door. But don’t worry, there will be people on the other side to
journey with you through the house. And no longer will it be a stranger’s house but your house.

I am living it, It has been over 20 years since I have been walking with the Lord.
And I am still amazed and humbled.

“Answer me, O LORD, answer me, that this people may know that you, O LORD, are God, and that you have turned their hearts back.”
1 Kings 18:37

May it be so that through my life people will know

That you are Lord, you are GOD.

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